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USS Eagle - Agamemnon


The U.S.S. Agamemnon is an Akira-class heavy cruiser under the command of Captain Amaya Donners. She was launched on Stardate 49228.4 (2372) from the Atlas V Fleet Yards in the Deneb sector. Like the U.S.S. Eagle, Agamemnon is under the operational command of Admiral Throl.


Amaya Donners is a first-time captain and a good friend to Michael Owens. The two officers first became friends at Starfleet Academy and were later reunited on board the U.S.S. Columbia on which Donners served as chief engineer for five years. She took on a position as first officer of the U.S.S. Bellerophon in 2367 and served as adjutant to Admiral Samson Glover* and executive officer of Deep Space Five until 2372 before getting command of the Agamemnon.


Other members of the Agamemnon's diverse command crew include the blithe Bolian first officer Commander Arden Texx, a Xindi insectoid chief engineer, a reptile doctor, an avian chief of security and a young science officer from the Daystrom family.


Technical Specifications


Length:                        464.43 meters

Width:                          316.67 meters

Height:                         87.43 meters

Mass:                           3,055,000 metric tons



Maximum Velocity:     Warp 9.8 (12 hours max)



Officers:                        100

Enlisted Crew:              500



Number of Decks:         18




* Samson Glover is a character from the Dark Territory fan-fiction series by DarKush.

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