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Agamemnon Voyages:

The God Particle


1st Edition (Rev I) - August 2013

Captain Amaya Donners of the USS Agamemnon has only just been given her first starship command and already her first mission promises to become the greatest challenge of her career when she is ordered to seek out and destroy the immensely powerful and dangerous Omega molecule.


Fortunately she's able to draw inspiration from the logs of the first Starfleet captain who has encountered Omega, Commodore Robert Wesley who came across the molecule a hundred years before Donners on the USS Lexington


Now it is up to Donners with the help of fellow starship captain Terrence Glover of the USS Cuffe to stop the xenophobic and power hungry Xenarth to use Omega to destroy the galaxy as we know it.


David Falkayn’s USS Lexington and crew and DarKush’s USS Cuffe and crew guest star.

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