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Personnel File: Deen, D.

full name_______________________________________________________



serial number___________________________________________________

date of birth_____________________________________________________

place of birth____________________________________________________

DeMara Deen


Chief Operations Manager, USS Eagle NCC-74329

11223 Epsilon 02 Hotel

27012.5 (January 05, 2350)

Tenaria Prime (Tena System)



39735 [2362]

begins special Starfleet training on Tenaria


41523 [2364]

continues Starfleet training at Starfleet Academy


43419 [2366]

graduates Starfleet Academy, acquires rank of ENSIGN, science officer Starfleet Science Institute, Earth


43781 [2366]

astrophysics specialist USS Columbia


44252 [2367]

awarded Special Citation for Scientific Excellence [shared]


44312 [2367]

promoted to LIEUTENANT J.G.


46678 [2369]

promoted to LIEUTENANT; chief operations manager USS Columbia


49432 [2370]

awarded the Daystrom Award of Science [shared]


48678 [2371]

chief operations manager USS Eagle





DeMara Deen was born on January 05, 2350 (SD 27012.5) in the capital city of Tenaria Prime. She was born to DeLina Deen, a notable astrophysicist on Tenaria and DeViscus Deen, a senior member of the Tenarian ruling council. DeMara, an only child, was the pride and joy of her parents and at a young age became a popular role model for Tenaria’s youth generation. A role she took on only very reluctantly and which she was never completely comfortable with. Her father wished for her to follow his family’s tradition and eventually succeed him at the ruling council. DeMara however took much more after her mother and from early childhood possessed a nearly unsatisfiable curiosity for the sciences and the universe.


Tenarians mature much faster than most other humanoid races and are considered to be fully mature at the age of twelve. They also possess a strong sense of optimism and harmony. In their history Tenarians have never resolved to war when settling conflicts and violence is nearly non-existent in their culture. Outworlders who visit Tenaria will often find themselves enchanted by their peacefulness and their extraordinary physical beauty and grace. The planet Tenaria, located in a remote pocket of the Beta Quadrant, remained undiscovered by the Federation and most other races until the USS Fearless made first contact in 2361. However, legends and myths about the Tenarian civilization had been in circulation throughout the galaxy for decades.


As it is standard practice in Tenarian culture, DeMara received a very extensive education in science from early childhood.


When the Fearless visited Tenaria she was chosen to work closely with Starfleet liaison Michael Owens. She was fascinated with the Federation and Owens was in awe of the Tenarian culture. They became close personal friends, learning from each other. She eventually convinced him to train her to become a Starfleet officer herself. Michael Owens corresponded with Starfleet Academy which sanctioned DeMara’s training. She received both her parents' blessing to leave Tenaria and go to Earth to continue her training in 2364.


As the first of her species to join Starfleet she found it difficult to adapt to her new surroundings at first. She also had an undesired effect on most of her fellow students. Especially male students found themselves drawn to her by her physical aura. Her young age made matters worse as many students and faculty members failed to take her seriously.


She was greatly helped however by the presence of Michael Owens as an associate tutor at the Academy. He continued to function as her mentor and helped her ease the transition to a life outside Tenaria. It still took DeMara some time to comprehend such foreign concepts as war and the use of violence to settle conflicts.


At the Academy, she developed an especially close bond with a number of Deltans whom she felt connected to as their natural characteristics somewhat resembled her own. She became close friends with Anara Rysyl† and shared a meaningful relationship with a young Deltan man by the name of Jonar Arik.


DeMara graduated in 2366 at the top of her class with accolades in many scientific fields. She was assigned as a science officer to the Starfleet Science Institute on Earth.


Later that year she accepted Michael Owens’s offer to join him as a science specialist on his new posting on the USS Columbia. While on the Columbia DeMara took part in a number of scientific explorations and experiments and in 2367 she and her fellow team members were awarded the Special Citation for Scientific Excellence after proving a significant biological theory. In 2369 she became an operations manager on the Columbia and in 2370 she was awarded the prestigious Daystrom Award of Science which she shared with Columbia’s chief science officer.


In 2371 and after the loss of the Columbia, DeMara followed Owens when he took command of his new ship. Even though Captain Owens lobbied for Deen to become his chief science officer, Starfleet did not feel comfortable in awarding the young officer that position. She had little regrets when she accepted to become chief operations manager on the USS Eagle.



† Anara Rysyl is a character from the Star Trek: Sutherland fan-fiction series by David Falkayn.

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