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4th Edition, June 2023

First published: March 2006

Stardate: 49669 (2372 CE)



The year is 2366 and Lieutenant Commander Michael Owens, the newly minted executive officer of the USS Columbia has been tasked to supervise a groundbreaking scientific experiment which could alter the galactic landscape forever. 

Six years later, as now Captain Owens and his crew celebrate their first year serving aboard the USS Eagle, Owens has no idea that the consequences of his previous assignment will come catching up with him in a way he could have never thought possible.

Over the course of an unlikely adventure, Owens will have to face his painful past, come face-to-face with old enemies and perhaps his greatest challenge, will have to deal with the one man he never wanted to see again. His own father.

In the meantime the crew of the starship Eagle have their own mystery to unravel, one which will see the half-Romulan tactical officer, So’Dan Leva, fall for the wrong woman while helmsman Culsten and Doctor Wenera get more than they bargained for when they get sucked in deep into a deadly mystery. 

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