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2nd Edition, 2013

Stardate: 51115 (2374 CE)



Morale is low on Eagle as its crew has been decimated by emergency reassignments and war casualties alike and finds itself on constant battle duty. Together with Amaya Donners’ USS Agamemnon they have been tasked to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone and stop the enemy from using it to launch attacks against vulnerable Federation targets.


However new orders from Starfleet Command have Eagle abandon those duties in order to carry out what appears to be a routine cargo mission far removed from the front lines. But Owens and his crew are soon to find out that very little about their new mission is routine.


To make matters worse, crew conflicts are on a rise with So’Dan Leva’s growing animosity towards the Klingon exchange officer who has joined the crew and Owens being reunited with the first woman he has ever loved.


Eagle and its crew are set on a course of self-destruction in the face of their greatest challenge yet.

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