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Stardate: 51636 (Oct, 2374 CE)



As the Dominion War rages on, a desperate Starfleet has lost the luxury to pick and choose its allies. A young and ambitious Admiral Schwarzkopf believes he has found the solution to all the Federation’s problems in a remote pocket of space near the Cardassian border.


Eagle and the Border Service cutter Bluefin are dispatched to the planet Tiaita to ensure a successful alliance.


But Owens and his crew are soon to learn that not everything is as advertised. Tiaita seems to suffer from problems of its own and Captain Akinola of the Bluefin and Admiral Schwarzkopf share a painful history which leads to nothing but mistrust and precludes any meaningful cooperation.


In the meantime Commander Tazla Star, a former and disgraced starship captain, appears to have an entirely different motive on Tiaita which threatens to not only divide the planet but Starfleet itself.

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