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Prelude to War

Date of first publication: 2007

4th Edition, December 2023

A series of seven short stories explore the senior officers of the starship Eagle at various stages of their lives: They include among others:


All The Time In The World: Set in May 2356 and during the last days of Michael Owens’ days at Starfleet Academy, the young man and soon to be Starfleet officer must make a decision which will define the person he will become.


Love’s Battleground: Set in May 2373 and a few weeks after the events of Eternal Flame, Nora Laas comes to realize that she is facing her most difficult challenge to date. Coming to terms with her budding feelings for the ship’s first officer Eugene Edison.


The Romulan Affair: Set in May 2369 while So’Dan Leva is the security chief onboard the space station Deep Space Two, the conflicted half-Romulan suddenly finds himself thrust into the middle of a murder investigation involving Klingons, Romulans and prejudiced humans.

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