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2nd Revised Edition, 2013

A series of ten short stories and novelettes featuring the main characters of The Star Eagle Adventures meeting familiar faces from all over the United Trek shared universe.


Includes, among others, the following stories:


Three's A Crowd

Michael Owens shuttles his cousin Erika Benteen to DS9 after she has been cleared by a court martial and is reinstated. Things quickly become heated when Captain Elizabeth Shelby (Star Trek: Sutherland) joins them unexpectedly.


The Enemy of My Enemy (is My Lover)

Three Romulans now serving the Federation, So'Dan Leva, Xeris (Star Trek: Pytheas) and Ousanas Dar (Dark Territory) travel to Romulus to try and convince the empire to join the war against the Dominion.


And A Star to Steer Her By

Amaya Donners is highly efficient as the first officer of DS5 and as adjutant to Admiral Samson Glover (Dark Territory). She is not yet ready to move on but that doesn't stop everyone else to think that she is.

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