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Personnel File: Owens, M.

full name_______________________________________________________



serial number___________________________________________________

date of birth_____________________________________________________

place of birth____________________________________________________

Michael Timothy Owens


Commanding Officer, USS Eagle NCC-74329

19914 Alpha 21 Romeo

11538.5 (July 16, 2334)

Waukesha, Wisconsin (Earth)



29735 [2352]

enters Starfleet Academy


31556 [2354]

four-month training assignment USS Horatio


33419 [2356]

graduates Starfleet Academy (fourteenth of his class); promoted to ENSIGN; flight control officer USS Fearless


35412 [2358]

promoted to LIEUTENANT J.G.; primary flight control officer


38122 [2361]

awarded Starfleet Award of Valor


38142 [2361]

promoted to LIEUTENANT


38233 [2361]

stationed on planet Tenaria as diplomatic liaison officer


41540 [2364]

awarded Citation for Outstanding Accomplishment


41547 [2364]



41550 [2364]

awarded the Star Cross; awarded the Blue Ribbon of Peace


41565 [2364]

associate tutor Starfleet Academy


43778 [2366]

executive officer USS Columbia


43793 [2366]

supervises scientific experiment on Periphocles V


44342 [2367]

promoted to COMMANDER


47879 [2370]

awarded Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry


47884 [2370]

acting captain USS Columbia


48585 [2371]

sacrifices Columbia to save populated world, crew survives


48602 [2371]

awarded Christopher Pike Medal of Valor


48670 [2371]

promoted to CAPTAIN; commanding officer USS Eagle


49432 [2372]

awarded Distinguished Service Medal






Michael Timothy Owens was born on July 16, 2334 (SD 11456.2) in Waukesha, Wisconsin on the North American continent on Earth. He was born to Judith Baxter-Owens an oceanographer and Jonathan Taylor Owens, a Starfleet officer. Michael has an older brother, Matthew Timothy Owens, who was killed during a scientific experiment on the planet Periphocles V in 2366.


Owens spent much of his early childhood living in his parents’ estate in Waukesha. When his mother resumed her work as an oceanographer, Michael would often join her on expeditions to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and other large bodies of water on numerous alien worlds. He quickly developed an interest in following in his mother’s footsteps much to the disappointment of his father who preferred that his future would be with Starfleet. Seemingly having lost Michael to follow his mother’s example, Jonathan Owens concentrated his efforts on his elder son Matthew. Jonathan Owens began a relentless campaign to sway Matthew to enter the Academy which created a widening rift between Matthew and his father.


Shortly before Michael’s twelfth birthday, tragedy struck the Owens family when Judith was killed by an accident in a research station at the bottom of the Pacific. This event shattered the fragile state of the Owens household and drove Matthew away from his family to find his own way which he eventually found in science. He enrolled himself at Cambridge University to study physics.


Jonathan Owens, now an influential officer in Starfleet’s upper echelons, managed to persuade Michael to join Starfleet Academy in 2352. Surprisingly Michael found the Academy to be the right choice for him. Even though he was shy and academically unimpressive at first he displayed extraordinary leadership and problem solving skills when he took part in a four-month training assignment on the USS Horatio in 2354. It was on the Horatio that he first developed his aspirations to become an explorer and more importantly a starship captain.


During his freshman year at the Academy he formed a friendship with fellow cadet Amaya Donners and they quickly found that they shared the same goals and interests. In an alternate reality their relationship evolved beyond friendship only to turn into animosity when Michael fell in love with a different woman shortly after. However fate handed Michael a unique chance to rectify this mistake and to remain friends with Amaya.


The woman Michael fell in love with was a young Betazoid cadet named Jana Tren. Their relationship lasted until his graduation in 2356 after which they decided to part ways.


Michael made the decision to dedicate himself to his career early on in order to accomplish his dream of someday becoming a starship captain. In subsequent years he quickly moved up in ranks. So fast in fact that some began to suspect that his father, Admiral Owens, might have had a significant influence in his son’s career. Those rumors did not go unnoticed by Michael who began to resent his father for his unwelcome involvement.


Michael’s first posting out of the Academy was on the cruiser USS Fearless as a helmsman. In 2361 he showed great perception and awareness when he saved the Fearless from certain destruction while being placed temporarily in command. He was subsequently awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor.


Later that year Michael was present when the Fearless made first contact with the Tenarians. He was chosen as a member of the delegation to first visit the planet Tenaria. Michael showed impressive diplomatic skills and it was due to his suggestions that Tenaria voiced an interest in becoming affiliated with the United Federation of Planets. The exceedingly congenial and harmonic Tenarians reacted especially well to Michael who was chosen to stay on Tenaria to build diplomatic ties and prepare the Tenarians for future treaties with the Federation.


On Teneria Michael was assigned to work with DeMara Deen, the daughter of Tenaria’s most senior leader. DeMara Deen became fascinated with Michael as well as with the Federation itself. Michael and DeMara quickly became close friends. On DeMara’s urging Michael began to train her to be a Starfleet officer with the consent of Starfleet Academy. The posting on Tenaria would last three years in which time Michael saw his efforts bear fruit with Tenaria committing itself to the Federation, signing a strong affiliation treaty in 2367. The accomplishments on Tenaria garnered Michael the Citation for Outstanding Accomplishments, the Star Cross and the Blue Ribbon of Peace.


Starfleet Academy, impressed with his diplomatic skills, offered him a two-year position as associate tutor to teach his experiences to others. Michael accepted this position in 2364. He brought his friend DeMara with him to the Academy where she could complete her training and he could continue to serve as her mentor.


In 2366 at the end of Michael’s tenure at the Academy, he accepted the position of first officer on the USS Columbia, a heavy cruiser under the command of Captain Eduardo Mendez. Michael convinced his new commanding officer to also recruit Ensign DeMara Deen as a science specialist. He was shortly reunited with his Academy friend Amaya Donners who served as chief engineer on the Columbia but managed to secure her own assignment as first officer on a different vessel a few months after Michael’s arrival.


Later that year Michael, DeMara Deen and Amaya Donners were assigned to supervise an experiment of a new experimental transporter technology on the planet Periphocles V. The lead scientists on the experiment were Doctor Frobisher and Doctor Matthew Owens, Michael’s brother. The experiment failed catastrophically with an apparently mentally unstable Frobisher causing the death of Matthew Owens. A blow from which Michael would not easily recover.


In 2370 while leading an away mission Michael displayed enormous foresight when anticipating a malicious trap and proceeded to save both his away team as well as the Columbia and a convoy of friendly vessels from destruction and heavy damage. For his bravery Owens was rewarded the Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry. However a subsequent attack, even though causing little damage, critically wounded Captain Mendez who would later succumb to his injuries. Reluctantly Michael accepted the role of acting captain of the USS Columbia.


In 2371 Michael Owens saw no other way but to sacrifice the Columbia in order to save a heavily populated world from being struck by a meteor-based weapon. Columbia’s crew was evacuated in time with minimal casualties but the ship was completely destroyed. Starfleet honored Owens’ deeds by awarding him the Christopher Pike Award for Outstanding Courage.


Later that year Owens was promoted to full Captain and assigned to command the newly commissioned USS Eagle. He continued to distinguish himself as an exceptional leader while in command of Eagle, receiving numerous accolades including the Distinguished Service Medal and the Medal of Honor.

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