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USS Eagle - Nebuchadrezzarar


The U.S.S. Nebuchadrezzar is a Danube-class starship, commonly referred to as 'runabout'. It is Eagle's single largest support craft and is usually stored in the ship's main shuttle bay on deck five.


Nebuchadrezzar is a highly versatile starship due to its modular design. Depending on the mission type the runabout can be outfitted with cargo, personnel, or sensor/science modules.


Technical Specifications


Length:                            23.1 meters

Width:                              13.7 meters

Height:                             4.4 meters

Mass:                               158.7 metric tons

Cruise Velocity:               Warp 6*

Maximum Velocity:         Warp 7.5* (10 hours max)


Max. Crew:                       15

Max Capacity:                  40

Number of Decks:            1




*Following warp core upgrade in 2376

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