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1st Edition (Rev I) - July 2017

10 years ago, the Starship Enterprise was transported over 60 thousands light-years to come face-to-face with what would become the Federation’s greatest nemesis. But now, as universes diverge, different choices have lead to a very different future.


After a long and bloody war with the Borg, the Federation has re-emerged as a broken shadow of its former self. Splintered and engulfed in internal conflict, embittered former allies have chosen their sides, unwilling to compromise, they battle each other for their vision of the future.


As news of a new super-weapon under development spreads, the fragile status quo threatens to spill out into all out war as conflicts and tensions mount.


A novella celebrating 10 years of United Trek and featuring characters by Bry Sinclair, DarKush, Galen, Michael Garcia, Sam Redfeather and The LoneRedShirt.

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