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USS Eagle - Captain's Yacht


The Golden Eagle is the captain's personal yacht, located at the very bottom of the ship's saucer section. It is a fully self-contained multiple-purpose vessel but is used almost exclusively to transport personnel and visiting dignitaries.


The interior consists of a flight deck, two staterooms, accommodation for the flight crew, and a galley. Engineering sections surround the habitat area. The crew usually consists out of two pilots and one service representative to attend to the passengers.


The original design of the yacht is not warp-capable by itself but it can be launched from Eagle at speeds of up to warp 7. Due to these limitations, Golden Eagle is used sparingly as the crew usually opts for warp-capable shuttles or the much more powerful runabout instead.


The yacht was retrofitted with a low-powered warp engine in 2375 to allow it to reach speeds of up to warp 3 with the help of two retractable warp nacelles.




Technical Specifications

Length:                                18 meters

Width:                                  10 meters

Height:                                 8 meters

Mass:                                   95 metric tons

Maximum Velocity:            Warp 3 for up to 8 hours

Atmospheric Flight:           Mach 6 (Up to Mach 20)

Crew:                                   3

Max: Capacity:                    20

Number of Decks:             2

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