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1st Edition (Rev I) - February 2023

First published: September 2021

Stardate: 53388 (June, 2376 CE)



Unable to prevent the annihilation of two universes, Michael Owens and the crew of the starship Eagle find themselves in yet another reality not their own.

In a galaxy that barely resembles his home, Michael must come to terms with his own personal demons and a family he had long thought lost.

Now, as the motivation of their most important ally is brought into question, the crew finds itself stuck between two of the Federation's greatest enemies in a race against the clock to prevent the unthinkable.

Continue the journey into the depths of quantum reality in Book Three of the Quantum Divergence trilogy.


And don’t miss Book One, False Vacuum, Book Two, State of Entanglement, and the Road to Quantum Divergence stories, Civil War and Homecoming.


Available at the TrekBBS and at Ad Astra

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