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Welcome to the home of The Star Eagle Adventures, a fan fiction series based on Star Trek which chronicles the voyages of the starship U.S.S. Eagle and its courageous crew under the command of Captain Michael T. Owens. 

Eagle was launched in 2371, roughly the same year as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 3, Star Trek: Voyager Season 1 and the feature film Star Trek: Generations. However, this series features mostly original characters.

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September 19, 2021

- Story downloads restored

September 12, 2021

 - Book 3 of Quantum Divergence, Uncertainty Principle, now posting at the TrekBBS and Ad Astra


- Short stories now live

September 5, 2021

 - Refreshed website now live. Story downloads and short stories not yet available

Find the full update log here.

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Read the feature-length Star Eagle Adventures novels in this section as well as the Eagle Vignette Series (EVS). Reading the stories in chronological order is recommended but each novel is a fully stand-alone story and can be read independently from the rest. The novels are generally between 100,000 and 180,000 words long and are available as PDF files or as ePub or Kindle-ready .mobi ebooks.

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This section features short stories and novelettes and is divided into four subsections. The Lower Deck Tales is a collection of short stories and novelettes featuring Eagle’s junior officers and enlisted personnel in their own adventures. Star Eagle Shorts contains short stories with more familiar faces. Visit Other Trek Shorts for short stories with no direct connection to The Star Eagle Adventures. Or go to the Anthologies section to download or print the Short Story Anthologies, containing all of the above stories in convenient ebook format.

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The Database features full crew profiles on all the senior officers of the starship Eagleas well as a complete story chronology for the Star Eagle Adventures. Or dig deeper into Eagle’s technical specifications, deck plan, crew statistics or visit the Star Trek: Expanded Universe wiki entry on the series.

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The Star Eagle Adventures is part of the United Trek shared Star Trek universe which is made up of dozens of stories by various authors. Visit the story archive at to access a large number of great fan fiction stories as PDF files or follow the links to the Ad Astra Fan Fiction archive or to the TrekBBS.

Visit the United Trek Forum to learn more about United Trek or to leave feedback on any Star Eagle Adventures or United Trek story.

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Discover a cyberpunk inspired Star Trek fan fiction novel from the writer of The Star Eagle Adventures in this section, ready to be downloaded as a PDF, epub or Kindle ebook.